Best Keto diet plan and Keto Diet Types

Types of keto Diet and Keto diet plan

What is Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet or Ketogenic diet is a most efficient Low-carb Diet, and It’s backed by Research for Weight Loss as Naturally,

History and Creation of Keto diet was for Different Things, Since Around 100 years ago its was created for children’s who have epilepsy, but now this Diet is very Popular and Most Following for the Weight loss as a Natural way.

The Keto Diet idea and Process are very simple: you need To Avoid Carbohydrates and carbohydrates rich Foods, at least you can’t eat more than 30-50 grams of carbohydrates in a Day, carbohydrates are Primary Supply option for body’s energy.

But, when you Don’t Consume Carbohydrates, your body falls back to getting Energy from your Storage Fats, and your body it does by entering the metabolic state known as “ketosis” (hence the “keto” diet).

The keto diet are treat therapy, which are high in fat, adequate in protein and very low in carbohydrates (carbs). A typical keto diet consists of 70% to 80% fats, 20% proteins and 5% to 10% carbohydrates.

The end effect of Keto, you will lose your Over wieght by burning fat for energy,

But There’re some Lazy man’s which love to take Keto-Diet supplements, attention: The catch is that, if you go beyond the carb cap, you can’t be longer in ketosis and need to start all over again, which is somewhat normal given how carb-heavy most people’s favorite foods are, such as pizza and pasta.

Usually in the keto diet, you need to moderate protein intake, otherwise if you take huge amounts of protein it can be converted into glucose, which are not fair for your overall health and for Right Ketosis Diet,

Most Benefits of keto diet

Best Keto diet plan and Keto Diet Types

1. Help to Weight loss

2. Improve overall health

3. Lower insulin Resistance

4. Lower the blood sugar levels

5. Reduce periods of epileptic seizures/epilepsy.

6. Helps with alzheimer’s Disease

7. Help to cure diabetes in First stage

8. Increased ketones along with other health benefits.

The ketogenic diet is little different from the low carb diet, ketogenic diet mainly focus on consuming protein, But Low-carb diet works with fat. However, Those are Work for Weight Loss and Seizures,

What are the different types of ketosis?

There’re in ketosis, have three different types of ketosis Diets, 1.Cyclical ketonic diet (CKD) 2.Targeted catonic diet (TCD) 3. High protein ketonic diet

Cyclical ketonic diet (CKD) are High carb refeed periods, such as two high carb days and five ketogenic days. More advanced used by athletes and bodybuilders.

Targeted catonic diet (TCD) are Adding carbs to your diet around workouts. its More advanced used by athletes and bodybuilders.

High protein ketonic diet are Include more protein and less carbohydrates than the standard Ketogenic diet of 60% fat 35% protein 5% carbohydrate.

How many Types Ketogenic diet are There?

1. Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD)

Standard (SKD) ketogenic diet are most recommended 10% of low carbs moderate 20% of protein and 70% high level of fats consume diet.

2. (WFKD) Well Formulated Ketogenic Diet

3. (VLCKD) Very-low-carb ketogenic diet

4. MCT Ketogenic Diet

5. (CKD) Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD)

6. Calorie-restricted ketogenic diet

7. High Protein Ketogenic Diet

8. (TKD) Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Best Keto diet plan

Since high fat intake is the main requirement of keto diet. So these foods are encouraged as a Keto Diet Plan or Meal Plan.

1. Tofu

2. Avocados

3. Nuts (almonds walnuts and seeds)

4. Olive oil & coconut oil

5. Butter & cocoa butter

6. Lard

7. Fruits rich in carbs like berries

8. Beef

9. Carbs rich vegetables (kale, swiss chard, brussels sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, bell peppers, cucumber, mushrooms, summer squashes etc.

Which Foods You need to avoid in keto?

In the Keto Diet’s You should Avoid Below Listed Foods and Similar of Them,

1. Unhealthy fats (mayonnaise etc.)

2. Low-fat products (salads etc.)

3. Fruits (all fruits except berries)

4. Sugary foods (sodas, ice creams etc.)

5. Alcohol

6. All Beans (lentils, peas, chickpeas etc.)

7. Root vegetables (potatoes, carrots etc.)

8. Sugar-free foods (syrups)

9. Grains (rice, pasta etc.)

10. All Types of desserts

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